1889_Architecture as an Art_Page_1.jpg

Architecture as an Art

In The Woman's Journal

November 1889

1891-09_Practical Homes September 1891_P

Practical Homes

In The Home-Maker

September 1891

1892-05_Practical Homes May 1892_Page_1.

Practical Homes

In The Home-Maker

May 1892

1893-06_An Uncultivated Field_Housekeepe

An Uncultivated Field

In Housekeeper's Weekly

June 1893

1891-01_Practical Dwellings January 1891

Practical Dwellings

In The Home-Maker

January 1891

1891-12_Parker Practical Homes The Homem

Practical Homes

In The Home-Maker

December 1891

1892_A Woman on the Woman's Building.jpg

A Woman on the Woman's Building

In American Architect and Building News

December 1892

1893-09_Carpentry and Building_MPN lette

Houses for Workingmen

In Carpentry and Building

September 1893

1891-04_Practical Homes April 1891_Page_

Practical Homes

In The Home-Maker

April 1891

pre-1892_The Popular Ignorance of Fine A

Popular Ignorance of Fine Architectural Effects

In The Business Woman's Journal


1893-05_Woman's Progress_Page_1.jpg

Architecture, Architect, and Client

In Woman's Progress

May 1893

1893-11-19_Art in Architecture_The Times

Art in Architecture

In The Philadelphia Times

November 1893