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"Mill-Rae: A Monument of Women's History Hidden in Plain Sight"

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"Minerva Parker Nichols: One of Architecture's Unsung Pioneers"

Jared Foretek, Saving Places (National Trust for Historic Preservation blog) - March 8, 2017

"Mill Rae, once a retreat for suffragists, earns its place in history"

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Recent discoveries that have been added or updated on the website include:

  • Identification of the location of David S. Cresswell iron foundry (Nicetown [Philadelphia], 1891). Likely located at Blaine and Ruffner Streets, now demolished. Historic image available here.

    • Website maps and commission inventories updated

  • Relocation of the commission for Miss Mary Potts (alt.: Botts; Germantown [Philadelphia], 1890). This commission was previously listed as 2 Mount Airy Avenue; new research of historic maps and censuses/directories indicates that it was almost certainly at 535 W. Hortter Street instead. The house is extant.

    • Website maps and commission inventories updated

  • Identification of possible (likely?) location for James F. Beale commission (1889, Berwyn) based on new research of historic maps and censuses/directories. Commission was likely 746 Conestoga Road, Berwyn. The house is extant.

    • Website maps and commission inventories updated

  • New client info added for M.N. Johnson (San Francisco, 1892). New research identifies this client as Dr. Maria Nye Johnson, who had ties to both Philadelphia and San Francisco through her medical training. This confirms another female client in Minerva Parker Nichols' portfolio.

    • Website maps, commission inventories, and client info updated